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He fancies himself enlightened, because he sees the deficiencies of others; he is ignorant, because he has never reflected on his own.
- Bulwer

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Close Jalyn Site History

January 2012   We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary!!
Always self-contained by running our own servers we've had our ups & downs, but you've always supported our efforts ... we appreciate you!
January 2012   Our Reminder and Postcard services are operational again. Have no idea what happened, they just kinda fixed themselves. We are aware of the Nautical Calculator error, that's another head scratcher but we're not giving up on it yet. Let us know whenever something is not working properly.
November 2011   We have agreed to be the proud sponsors of Rockin the Nation, a benefit concert event to assist Native American Children. Proceeds will come from Jalyn Domains, our Domain Registry Service. Buy a domain for much less than most places and help a good cause at the same time!
April 2011   We let go Kidzstuff.org. With Disney and all the others who put in all their time making kid's sites more active, we just don't see the purpose of keeping it going. We'll keep some of the games and put them somewhere else.
August 2010   After 18 years, we've sold JALYN.COM. We will continue with JALYN.NET and systematically dismantle the sites as they become obsolete. Needless to say, we are no longer in the hosting business but we'll keep basic services operating. It has been a true honor providing free services to the Internet community for all these years, we're just not able to focus all of our attention to these servers anymore... life moves on.
November 2007   Due to rising costs of payment processing and a change in the scripting which we do not wish to support, Justadomain.com was let go and we went with a 2nd party hosting solution. For similar reasons we also closed ShopJalyn.com, however it will be reopened under a different name in the future using strictly PayPal for payment processing.
December 2005   Dialup services closed. Our Vendor went out of business. This was the main purpose for our Support Center, so it has also been discontinued.
August 2004   Gosh, it's been 12-years already.    
October 2002   Support Center opened
June 2002   Domain Registration Services now known as Justadomain.com
April 2002   Introduced sjwOnline DialUp and Hosting Services     
April 2001   Jalyn Sites and ShopJalyn integrated PayPal services     
January 2001   Complete redesign and integration of sites    
November 2000   Webmail encryption feature introduced
November 2000   TheWebmail.Net introduced to replace our "My Webmail" service
October 2000   Announcing Policy Program for Websites
September 2000   Introduction of ShopJalyn.com
June 2000   Domain Registration Services introduced
September 1999   Reminder Service Introduced
November 1998   The Kids page closed and KidzStuff Project officially opened
October 1997   Girl Scout/Girl Guide Search Engine introduced     
February 1997   Sambar mirror created
Mid 1996   Added Channels preceeding release of MSIE4.0
Created and Introduced world logo    
March 1996   PostCard Feature introduced
November 1994   Professor Fikle was unleashed on the world    
October 1993   jalyn.com registered for providing web services. We adopted Eagle from public domain as our logo
September 1993   Privacy Policy formed and posted. BBS closed.
August 1992   This Site Created joining approx. 120 Internet web sites
(Yahoo consisted of 2 pages of links and no services - now how old is that!?!)





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